When planning your hike, you should carefully include the transport as part of the itinerary. The starting points of most hikes are deep in the valley or on a plateau, where public transport is limited. On a multiday hike, you will often end your journey far away from where you started and if you have no transport arranged, you might waste time in figuring out how to get to your destination.

By car

Driving is probably the best option to explore Slovenia. You can reach all the amazing places you are not able to reach with often limited public transport. Hidden valleys, stunning mountain roads and so much more is just a short drive away.

The downside of having your own car can be having a different starting and finishing point on your hike. You can resolve this by taking a taxi, bus or even asking someone to drive you back to your car if it’s not too far. The negative aspect of having your own car also includes the environmental impact. Slovenia has a scheme for promoting environmentally-friendly transport, so why not help by trying one of the following greener transport methods?

Ljubljana’s most renowned car rental company (Avant Car) offers a big fleet of electric cars. This way you don’t have to feel guilty for polluting the green environment.

You can rent a car all over the country from a number of car rental companies (Avant Car, Hertz, Sixt, Budget, Atet…) and expect to pay 30-40€/day for an economy car.

By public transport

Public transport among towns is quite extensive, reliable and affordable, the only downside is it is a bit time consuming. The starting point of most hikes are in rural areas where public transport doesn’t exist, therefore you have to provide your own transport, call a taxi, hitchhike or prolong your hike.

There’s a special publication about transport in the Alps, which includes a number of different routes and timetables. When travelling in Slovenia, you can check bus timetable on Bus station Ljubljana website and trail timetable on Slovenian Railways website.


Taxi service is definitely the easiest and most convenient way of transport. Although pricey compared to public transport, it can provide a great solution if you’re arriving in Slovenia without a car.

Starting rate is normally around 1-1.5€ and each kilometre cost 0.7-1.1€. If you’re going to Vrata Valley, for example, you should expect to pay around 80€. Ljubljana, due to tough competition, has the best rates in Slovenia, so it’s wise to arrange a taxi there.

The cheapest way to order a taxi is to call the company directly via phone. You can also contact us; we will gladly help you with the transport. Some companies also offer a mobile app and already present is Hopin (similar to Uber). The most popular taxi companies are:

Taxi društvo Ljubljana

Taxi Laguna

Taxi Metro

Intertours Taxi

Some general pointers about transport:

  • The last few kilometres of roads near the starting point are often in (very) poor condition – gravel, steep road, often with huge bumps. Recommended only for experienced drivers

  • Although renting a car is by far the best option, it can be quite costly when doing a multiday hike, so a taxi might be a more cost-efficient solution

  • It can be hard finding a bus going directly to your starting point in the Julian Alps. On the other hand, if you’re visiting Kamnik-Savinja Alps, there is a bus from Ljubljana going directly to Kamniška Bistrica Valley

  • Too lazy for a real hike? Then drive to Vršič, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia. The stunning views of surrounding mountains will be well worth the drive.


Popular destinations
Distance from Ljubljana

80-100 km

Vrata Valley
Triglav (2864m), Škrlatica (2740m), Kredarica hut, Pogačnik hut

82 km

Kot Valley
Triglav (2864m), Stanič hut

79 km

Krma Valley
Triglav (2864m), Debela peč (2014m), Kredarica hut, Planika hut

80 km

Waterfall Savica
Triglav lakes, Velika Tičarica (2091m), Kanjavec (2569m), Triglav lakes hut

88 km

Vršič mountain pass
Mala & Velika Mojstrovka (2332 & 2366m), Prisojnik (2547m), Tičarjev dom na Vršiču hut, Poštarski dom na Vršiču hut

96k m

Zadnjica Valley
Kanjavec (2569m), Razor (2601m), Dolič hut, Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih hut

100 km


35-70 km

Kamniška Bistrica Valley
Grintovec (2558m), Brana (2253m), Planjava (2392m), Kamniško sedlo hut


Logar Valley
Ojstrica (2350m), Turska gora (2251m), Klemenča jama hut, Frischauf hut


Jezersko (Ravenska Kočna)
Jezerska Kočna (2540m), Grintovec (2558m), Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh hut, Kranjska koča na Ledinah hut



55-90 km

Ljubelj mountain pass
Begunjščica (2060m), Vrtača (2181m), Dom na Zelenici hut, Roblek hut


Valvasor Hut
Stol (2236m), Prešeren hut


Peca (2125m), Dom na Peci hut