Slovenian Alps offer an endless variety of hiking trails. Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanks have thousand of kilometres of different hiking trails. When choosing the right trail, it all comes down to your own personal preference. We are giving you a sample of what Slovenian Alps have to offer. If you would like your hiking holiday to be unforgettable, why not get your own personalised self-guided hiking itinerary from us?

Julian Alps

“In the heart of Triglav national park”

Vrata Valley, majestic views of Triglav north face, glacier lakes and stunning peaks.

Grade: Moderate/challenging.

This two-day hike starts at a big parking lot, a few hundred meters from Aljažev dom v Vratih (1015m) (Aljaž hut in Vrata Valley), a well-known hut, built in 1910. Aljaž hut offers more than 80 beds and a wide choice of food and beverages. It’s usually open from April till October.

This route is marked throughout with a “target” – a red circle with a white centre. You can find them on the rocks or on the trees.

From the parking lot continue straight and after few minutes you pass the Aljaž hut on your left. Follow the trail in direction of Luknja pass. Soon the magnificent panorama of Triglav north face (on the left side) is starting to show.

Trail from Aljaž hut to Luknja pass is fairly easy to follow. In the first part you follow the stream (don’t cross it, stay on your side) and later just continue towards the pass. The trail is rather easy, with some steep sections at the end.

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After reaching the Luknja pass (1758m), amazing views will open towards both valleys (Vrata and Trenta). At this point, the trail turns right towards Bovški Gamsovec (2392m). From here on, the gradient often changes, but it stays on easy to moderate level. If you’re not too loud, a herd of chamois or Alpine ibex are always around to welcome you. Take a deep breath and admire beautiful scenery. While approaching the summit of Bovški Gamsovec, the terrain becomes steeper with some shorter sections with steel ropes for additional safety.

The trail you’re following doesn’t go directly over the peak, it just circumvents it, so be careful to turn sharply left and visit the Bovški Gamsovec peak before descending to Pogačnik hut.

Bovški Gamsovec offers one of the most amazing views of the Triglav north face you can imagine, therefore have a rest and enjoy a tasty snack from your backpack.

Now that you’ve reached the highest point of today’s hike, you just have to descend to Pogačnik hut, which shouldn’t last more than an hour. Follow the trail back the way you came and instead of returning back to Luknja pass, turn left towards Dovška Vratca. After half an hour you’ll reach the Dovška Vratca pass, where you turn left towards Pogačnik hut. You’ll arrive to the hut in 30min, but if you don’t feel like ending your hike for today, you can visit another peak on a way to the hut. We recommend Stenar (1:15 from Dovška Vratca pass, moderate) and/or Križ (1h from Dovška Vratca, challenging).

If you decide to go directly to Pogačnik hut and call it a day, just follow the path and you will soon spot the hut. Just before the hut, Spodnje Kriško jezero (lake) will appear on your left side. It’s forbidden to swim in it, but not to take pictures ☺

After a delicious breakfast at the hut, get ready for a long and amazing day of hiking. The path starts just behind the hut, where you take a trail towards Vršič and Sedlo Planja. Following the marked trail, you will reach Sedlo Planja (Planja pass) in about one hour. At this point, you have several options. You’ll have to continue over the pass towards Vršič anyway, but before doing so, you can hike either Planja on your left (2453m, 30min, challenging) or Razor on your right side (2601m, 1h, strenuous).

Whether you hike those two peaks or not, you have to return to Sedlo Planja and descend towards Vršič. All the way towards your final destination, a magnificent mountain Prisojnik/Prisank (2547m) will stand before your eyes. The route towards Vršič circumvents the mountain from the left side. If you wish to climb Prisojnik on a way to Vršič, bear in mind the route is challenging/strenuous and it will add up around 3 hours to your hike.

First part of the descend from Sedlo Planja is moderate/challenging, with some steel ropes and iron rungs. The rest of the route is fairly easy, apart from the short section later on. The rest of the trail towards Vršič is clearly marked, just be sure to always turn left on the crossings.

Just before the end of your hike, you can stop by the Poštarski dom na Vršiču hut or Tičarjev dom na Vršiču hut to re-energise yourself.

Aljaž hut – Luknja pass 2,5h
Luknja pass – Bovški Gamsovec 2h
Bovški Gamsovec – Pogačnik hut 1,5h
Pogačnik hut – Sedlo Planja 1h
Sedlo Planja – Vršič mountain pass 4,5h

The Pogačnik hut is usually open from mid-June till the end of September and can accommodate up to 59 hikers. (, +386 51 221 31)

Kamnik-Savinja Alps

“A taste of mountaineering”

Kamniška Bistrica Valley, Kamniško sedlo, Planjava.

Grade: moderate/challenging

This one-day hike starts in front of Kamniška Bistrica hut (600m), which offers 45 beds and is permanently open from April till the end of September.

This route is marked throughout with a “target” – a red circle with a white centre. You can find them on the rocks or on the trees.

On the opposite site of the hut, just on the other side of the road, you’ll find the source of Kamniška Bistrica river. It’s really worth stopping here to take a look.

The hike towards Planjava (2392m) starts in front of the hut. It’s possible to continue further with a car to Jermanca (900m), which shortens your hike for about one hour, but the road is closed for vehicles and is often in a very poor condition.

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At first, just continue along the gravel road and after a few hundred meters, you will see a path on your right side. At this point leave the road and follow the path towards Kamniško Sedlo. Soon the cableway station will appear in front of you. Go pass it and follow the same path. Shortly, your path will merge with the one from Jermanca. Several minutes later, at the intersection, take the left route. The right one goes towards Repov Kot Valley and is unmarked and very challenging.

From the intersection on, several paths will appear. It’s recommended to take the most visible one. Nevertheless, about 15min later, they all merge into one.

While you’re hiking towards Kamniško Sedlo, a small hut (1430m) will appear on left side of the path. Main purpose of the hut is to provide an emergency shelter. From the hut on, the path goes straight towards the Kamniško Sedlo and you can expect to be there in little over one hour.

At the Kamniško Sedlo hut, routes from Brana and Planjava join together. Before continuing your hike towards Planjava, have a rest at the welcoming hut and enjoy the amazing landscape. If you climb a few more meters behind the hut to the top of the ridge, the gorgeous Logar Valley will appear. (Caution! Strong winds on the ridge can be very dangerous, take extra care.

The hike towards Planjava (2h, challenging) continues from the right side of the hut. The path is marked and visible all the way to the top. First it crosses the slope and soon becomes much steeper. A handful of steel ropes and iron rungs are there to make it easier and safer. After the steep section, the route becomes easier and grassy. When you arrive at the intersection, turn left towards Planjava (right route goes towards Korošica hut). Follow the route and shortly, just before the top, another route from Logar Valley will join you. Just a few more meters and you’re at the top!

The easiest way to reach your starting point is to simply follow the same trail back. This one-day hike is a good example of what the Kamnik-Savinja Alps have to offer. The Hike can be extended to two, three or even more days if you want. Please let us know your requirements and we can do our best to help you plan your perfect itinerary.

Kamniška Bistrica hut – Kamniško Sedlo 3,5h

Kamniško sedlo – Planjava 2h

The Kamniško sedlo hut (Kamniška koča na Kamniškem sedlu) is usually open from mid-June until the end of September. If the weather is good, it is also open on weekends. It can accommodate up to 68 hikers. (, +386 51 611 367)

Before going on a hike, please make sure that you read our etiquette guide.