Are you looking for your next hiking destination? Are you tired of crowds, when you expect peace and silence? Do you want to experience unspoiled nature, dramatic peaks, gorgeous lakes and never-ending paths? Do you find Switzerland pricey for what they’re offering? Then don't miss out on exploring the breathtaking Slovenian Alps! With more than 10,000km of hiking trails, they provide an amazing hiking experience for everyone.
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The Slovenian Alps

Julian alps Kamnik-Savinja alps - Kamniško sedlo Karavanks - Greben Košuta
Julian Alps are the biggest and highest of the Slovenian Alps. Also the most visited and unspoiled at the same time. With hundreds of kilometres of different trails, they’re suitable for everyone. Their size allows you to plan an endless variety of different multiday hikes. Almost the whole region is situated in Triglav National Park, the only national park in Slovenia, which makes the region even more pristine. Julian Alps have several popular starting points – valleys (Vrata, Kot, Krma, Tamar, Zadnjica, Trenta), plateaus (Pokljuka, Planina Blato) and mountain passes (Vršič, Predel).
Most known for: Triglav (the highest mountain in Slovenia), 7 Triglav lakes, Vrata Valley, mountain pass Vršič, endless trails and peaks. Take a look at our sample trip “In the heart of Triglav national park”.