One of the advantages of hiking in the Slovenian Alps, rather than the Swiss, French or Italian Alps, is also their affordability. Slovenia is probably the most affordable hiking destination in the Alps. We have prepared an overview of the costs during a multiday hike.

We have divided the costs into three categories – transportation, accommodation and food & beverage.

Here is an example based on a four day (three nights) hiking trip, a group of four travelling together:

Table of costs in Slovenian Alps


Prices are calculated for hikes starting and ending in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Prices are based on being a member of Alpine Association of Slovenia or its partner organizations.

An approximate calculation of food & beverages costs. Please bear in mind that drinks are not cheap.

Based on a four day (three nights) hiking trip, group of four traveling together.

BUDGET 10-40€/person return 25-35€/person 50-70€/person 85-150€/person

Are you on a tight budget?

The cheapest option is a bus to Kamniška Bistrica Valley (4,7€/one way). Other destinations, such as the Julian Alps, are harder to reach and a combination of public and private transportation is required.

If you don’t mind sleeping in a dormitory and you bring your own bed sheets (highly advisable!), then you will save yourself some money. Spending a night in a II. Category hut is also slightly cheaper.

A combination of your own food, half board (breakfast & dinner), and a clean fresh water stream will keep your costs low.

RELAXING 20-60€/person return 30-60€/person 60-100€+/person 110-220€+/person

Looking for stress-free and relaxing hiking holidays?

Apart from public transportation, there are other options, like driving to a final destination with your own car or taking a taxi. To help the environment, why not go with an electric car?

Forking out a little more will certainly ensure a more comfy sleep. You can rent a private room with four (or even two) beds. Note the toilet is not en-suite. Tip: Bringing your own bed sheets will help save our environment.

Full board.  

The best way to lower the costs is to become a member of the Alpine Association of Slovenia OR its partner organizations. You can become a member of the Alpine Association of Slovenia even if you’re not a Slovenian citizen. You can apply online or physically at one of the mountaineering clubs.