Visiting our beautiful mountains brings along some responsibilities. Here is our list of top 5 mountain etiquette rules:

1. Leave no trace

  • Everything you bring along on a hike has to be brought back to the valley.

  • Any kind of littering is strictly forbidden. This also applies to mountain huts, do not leave behind any garbage.

2. Mountain huts are your second home

  • Respect mountain huts and personnel working there.

  • Leave the hut as it was – clean your shoes before entering, crampons are strictly forbidden. Hiking boots should be taken off before entering the sleeping area.

  • Keep quiet after 10 pm.

3. Help us to keep the emissions low

  • When possible, always use public transport.

  • Sharing a ride will not only keep your costs low but also lower the impact on the environment.

  • Slovenia has a wide choice of electric cars – please bear this in mind when renting a car.

4. Respect and help each other

  • Slovenians have a habit of greeting everyone they meet in the mountains. Dober dan (DOH-ber dahn) – good day – will do it.

  • Give way to uphill traffic.

  • If an accident happens, offer your help and call the emergency number (112) if required.

5. Protect flora and fauna

  • The preservation of the natural environment is everyone’s responsibility. Yes, yours also!

  • The Slovenian Alps are home to a large number of animal species. Please do not disturb their natural habitats nor feed them.

  • Do not pick flowers – some vegetation, such as Planika (Edelweiss), are endangered and therefore protected by law.