Do I need to carry a helmet?

Published on 2nd of February 2020

This is a question we get all the time. To answer, it is essential to know exactly which trails you will be taking.

A general rule is “Every time you are hiking under a rocky wall, put on a helmet.

Hiking Sloveni Helmet

The Slovenian Alps are made of limestone which increase the chances of falling rocks. Additionally, our mountains are home to chamois. These animals love steep, rocky terrain, exactly the kind you can find above numerous section of mountain trails. The sight of chamois above your trail is definitely a beautiful sight…until you are running away from the falling rocks, triggered by them.

Animals are not the only reason for falling rocks, you also need to be aware of hikers above you. Skilled hikers know how to hike/climb to reduce the chances of triggering rocks to a minimum. Inexperienced hikers don’t. Popular trails such as Mount Triglav are attempted by all types of hikers, therefore you need to be extra careful.

Do I need a helmet for Mount Triglav?

A short answer is Yes. The majority of hikers attempting to hike Mount Triglav wear a helmet, with an exception of a few irresponsible ones. No matter how experienced you are, you should always wear a helmet.