Guided or Self-Guided hiking?

Published on 5th of March 2019

The Julian Alps

Planning a multi-day hike in a country you have never visited before is rarely easy. Insufficient, false and out of date information found on the internet can make planning the itinerary very stressful.

Self-guided hiking

Some hikers prefer to hike alone, without the company of a mountain guide. This means you have to come up with an itinerary yourself. Prepare it carefully and your hiking holidays will be enjoyable and stress-free.

Start by considering the length, difficulty and location of the hike. This should be done with the help of a detailed hiking map (at least 1:50 000). Please bear in mind that distance on the map varies depending on terrain. Some sections can be covered quickly while others take much longer. Probably the most important thing to consider is the technical difficulty of the hike. It is often hard to grasp the difficulty before you actually arrive at the surprisingly tough section.

If your hike takes place in the Alps or any other mountain regions with strong seasonal influence, time your hike wisely. In Slovenia, most mountain huts open after June 15th. If the previous winter was generous with snow, winter equipment, such as crampons and ice axes, are required even in early July.

When your itinerary is completed, it is time to book your accommodation. In summer months, some mountain huts are fully booked several months in advance. Private rooms especially are always in high demand. Please bear in mind that some mountain huts do not accept reservations until after their opening in June.

Before you start the actual hike, closely follow the weather forecast for your specific region.


  • Flexibility
  • The absence of information on hiking trails

  • Affordability
  • Booking the mountain huts by yourself is often challenging

Guided hiking

Relaxing and stress-free is the best description for a guided hiking tour. Hiking guides in Slovenia are reliable and highly skilled as they have to undertake several years of training to obtain a licence. In most cases, you will be hiring the guide yourself. If you are a solo traveller, it is sometimes possible to join a group of hikers. You should contact the guide a few months in advance and tell him/her about your requirements. Rates usually start at 200€/day, excluding accommodation and food.


  • Stress-free planning
  • Price

  • Technical equipment is usually provided by the guide
  • Inflexibility

Combination of guided and self-guided hiking

Are you looking for an easy 5-day hut-to-hut hike in the Julian Alps, but you would still like to include Mount Triglav? It is definitely possible to combine a self-guided hike with a guided hike/climb. Many less experienced hikers opt for this combination. One way to do it is to meet with your guide at one of the mountain huts during your hike and tackle only the most challenging sections with the help of your guide. Most mountain guides will be happy to accommodate your requirements and meet at the place that is convenient for you.

We specialise in bespoke self-guided hiking itineraries. Please contact us and let us know your requirements. If you are searching for a reputable mountain guide, we will be happy to recommend one.